Grants and Sponsorship

For all music events we solicit matching grants from grantor institutions like, Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, State and other Local Art Institutions. For all major concert events we also solicit donations, or, pledges from individuals and private institutions to offset the added cost. We solicit donations from individuals who believe in our music education effort in any form of sustaining corpus funding, either, annually, or, monthly by check, or, by credit card of their choice.

Since we do not charge for admission for our music festivals, we therefore solicit such corpus funding from individuals who can afford to support generously for such effort. Some of the funds can be matched by grantor institutions. We conduct these festivals for the benefit of the northwest community, and volunteering comes from our community. From such added financial help we can support music educational activities, promote young, and junior adults who will carry our culture to greater heights.

Please call or e-mail us for additional details or questions or clarifications. A donation form is available for viewing at ‘’.